Tips for Buying a Bigger Car

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With the size of our family, and the amount of trips we go on, we have been talking about buying a bigger vehicle for a while. There have been times where we have gone places, and actually rented bigger vehicles to get everyone there together. We made a trip last fall and rented a van, and trip last winter to the Nutcracker, and we rented an SUV.

We actually test drove a few vehicles over the summer, but never really pulled the trigger on a bigger car. Our newest addition was born in August, and fitting another car seat posed an issue. We ended up spending weeks driving 2 separate vehicles to family outings. Three kids in my car, 3 kids in his.

With 6 kids, 3 still in car seats, we needed something to haul us all. We ended up on to find the perfect car for our large family! We ended up looking at mini-vans, and even passenger vans. After finding some excellent choices in our area, we found the perfect one! We settled on a 2017 Kia mini-van.

Here are some things that helped us ultimately decide that we needed a bigger vehicle:

  • Do you have a full vehicle, but more kids on the way?
  • Are you planning a family trip in the future that will include hauling gear?
  • Do you have more than one child in a carseat?
  • Do you plan on carpooling additional kids in the future?
  • Would it help to have more space?

Here are some of the things we asked that helped us decide on a bigger vehicle:

  • How many seats do you need, and how many does the vehicle have?
  • How many passengers are still in car seats, and how many can the vehicle fit?
  • What are the safety ratings like on the vehicle?
  • Cost: How much will the vehicle cost, a month?
  • Does the vehicle come with a warranty?

Have you heard of’s Car Seat Checks? You can search different models of cars in the database to see if the safety check has been done on that model. It’s definitely a helpful tool when shopping for a new vehicle, and is one of the reasons we went with the model we did.


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